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About Us

Qatar Pest Control Company (QPC) is one of the leading pest control companies in the State of Qatar which provides complete pest control solutions to industrial, commercial and residential properties using Public Health pesticides approved for pest control.

The experts at QPC not only control the pests but also identify the reasons that caused pest to appear and has developed service protocols which are based on three core IPM concepts i.e. Inspection, Problem Solving and Communication.   

QPC’s leading position in the market has been built on the technical excellence and reliability of service.  In order to maintain our leading position in the market, we ensure that these values remain uppermost in our culture and provide efficient solutions to keep our customers always running.

QPC has highly motivated customer-focused Technical and Support teams, primed to respond to its customer requirements at all times. Our service begins with a complete inspection of the property by our Technical team who are specialists in identification of insects, problem solving and advanced treatment procedures. On completion of each visit, our Technician provides a report detailing the areas treated and noted infestations, together with the action taken and pesticides used.

All our service vehicles are properly equipped to carry the pesticides in a safe manner. The pesticides and pest control equipment for daily use is kept in a storage section of the service vehicle is a separate compartment having locking facility to protect the pesticides from misuse. 

Everyone at QPC from Service Technician out in Field to Middle and Senior Management in the Office, is committed to improving the quality of services to its  customers and provide the safest and most effective treatment for the management of pests which pose a threat to their health, property and the environment.


1. British Pest Control Association, U.K. (BPCA)
2. National Pest Management Association, USA (NPMA)
3. Killgerm Chemicals, U.K.

Attempts to introduce and implement new technologies for the improvement of business is common and our tie-ups with the above international institutions provides updated information on events occuring in pest control industry globally.

Our senior management personnel is attending all international pest control events for the last many years i.e. PestEx, U.K., PestWorld, U.S.A., Faopma, Australia, Taiwan, IPCA, Mumbai etc. Accordingly, we upgarde our services to international standards from time to time.


Killgerm Chemicals, U.K. being one of our major supplier for pest control materials for the last three decades, we enjoy full technical back up services, pest identification, lab support for technical analysis etc.


Our vision for the new millenium is to continue our journey from good to great and build a strong customer base by rendering quality services and exceptional care to our customers.